There is currently R59144.85 backing 59000 ZARP tokens

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A digital Rand from the future

ZARP is a cryptocurrency pegged to the price of the South African Rand (ZAR). 1 ZARP equals 1 ZAR, stored in our treasury account. ZARP is the only bank-approved, fully backed, transparent, and audited stablecoin for the South African Rand.

We created ZARP to make the Rand compatible with the future financial system.

📈 Traders

Use the only true Rand stablecoin with guaranteed liquidity. Hedge against volatility, store value, and make efficient transfers.

♻️ Exchanges

Attract more users and trading volume while building trust by listing a transparent stablecoin that is fully backed.

👩‍💻 Users

Store and move value quickly and efficiently, without volatility. Use ZARP like cash.

🏦 DeFi Protocols

Unlock solid liquidity with an audited stablecoin, pegged by one of the world's top currencies.